A little bit about us

Our passion is story-telling. Our desire is to tell your story. Before we do, here's a little piece of our story.

We grew up on the same street. We went to the same school. We became friends in high school. Emily started making videos after watching some of Zach's. Zach wrote his first short film about Emily in college. We started dating after college, and filming the everyday together quickly became second nature.


After that, launching everett pictures was the best and easiest decision.



zachary schneider

[cinematographer + production manager]

Zach began filming in 2013. He later received his B.A. in Motion Pictures from Belmont University. He has worked on several short films, A feature film, and countless commercial productions. he has spent the past few years as a Production Assistant, Assistant Camera, and DIT in the Indianapolis area. 

Zach loves Emily, fly-fishing, Thanksgiving, NBA basketball, being with family, the National Parks, and his Australian Shepherd named Lady.

zach is inspired by being outside, watching a good film for the first time, sketching, researching new gear, writing music on his piano and guitars, and working out.

emily lorentz​

[producer + director]​

Emily began filming in 2014, largely inspired by the videos she saw Zach creating in high school. She is 100% self-taught and started her own film company in 2014. She received a B.A. in Communication Studies from Samford University.

Emily loves Zach, her family, Zach's family, Lady the Aussie, being everyone's biggest fan, being everyone's dog's biggest fan, Snoop Dogg, good beer, the National Parks, and Indianapolis.

emily is inspired by listening to people talk about their passion, big magic by elizabeth gilbert, modern illustration, lifelong learning, mountains, and long drives.


personal projects

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