Simplify: permission to ditch the cameras

"Do you have any insight or advice: my fiancé and I are worried that having a videographer might be too much going on for the day - like we might not want cameras in our face the whole time... I'm sure you guys do an awesome job; I'm just speaking in general terms."

YES. This is actually one of my favorite messages of hesitation we've ever received, and here's why: this is a self-aware couple.

Getting married does not mean making yourself uncomfortable because having two to three photographers and a couple of videographers at your wedding is the thing to do now. I think one of the biggest temptations for brides right now is to risk losing sight of their style or their comfort zone in order to fit the trends and check the boxes.

Hear me out: if your photogs / videogs make you feel crowded and uncomfy on your wedding day, then maaaaybe those photos / videos aren't worth it. Know yourself and your fiancé, know what you want from your wedding, and then communicate those things to your vendors. They are there to creatively capture the memories - not to leave you with the memorable impression of how much you hated having them around!

So - you're camera shy [or just not so fond of the idea of cameras in your face all day] - what then?

First, simplify. It's common these days to have two photographers and two videographers around all day. It's common - not necessary. Consider the no-second-shooters route. One photographer, one videographer. I think a lot of brides need to hear this: that's an okay thing to do and you will still have awesome photos and an awesome film!

Second, limit camera time. Give yourself and your bridesmaids some camera-free time in the morning. Having only a half hour or hour of getting ready photos / video is not a bad thing! We've even seen couples that share a post-reception dance right before the send-off. The guests all gather outside and take a good ten minutes lighting sparklers while the newlyweds sneak back to the reception hall for one last dance - just the two of them. Camera-free time can be so refreshing - and your vendors won't mind the break either!

Finally, communicate, communicate, communicate. You're paying your vendors - you are the boss and they are - in a sense - your employees. Before the wedding, we want to know - would you rather have us in your face or laying low?

It's your day. Never forget that.

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