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It's no secret anymore that video is the way to successful marketing. Studies show that people prefer to intake information via videos and remember more of what they see and hear in this format than any other.

We're here to come alongside you in the story-telling process.

We've worked with small business owners, schools, churches, choirs, realtors, families, individuals, and countless others to tell meaningful stories that resonate with their respective audiences.





These one-minute videos are easy to shoot and quick to produce. They're a great way to boost engagement across all your social media platforms through a low-cost shoot. 

here we are

who we are

These tell the story of your business. They're great for website homepages, YouTube channel trailers, lobby digital displays, and pretty much everywhere else.



what people say

These are more involved productions (AKA the fun stuff) -- often testimonial pieces from your clients or an in-depth description of a product or service. (Don't worry, we'll provide the teleprompter.)





Obviously, we can't tell a story we don't know. The first step in any project is to hear from you. We want to know the story, see your vision for telling it, and understand the ideal audience, platform, and goal of the video(s). Once we have that down, we'll work with you to determine a central thesis of the video and how we can best show it. We'll talk about locations, personalities, scripts, and shoot styles before rendering a contract.


Once we've gotten all the information we need, we'll create a script, storyboard, shot list, and shoot schedule. We'll plan for every minute of the shoot and every second of the videos. Some clients prefer to write their own script and some prefer us to write; either way, that happens in this phase. 

Then it's finally time to shoot. Equipment details, who's on set, and how the shoot runs is unique to the project itself. But by this point, we all have a detailed plan for how the shoot will go. All of our contracts include at least two cuts for client feedback and more can be added to any project. 

Maddie came to us wanting a day-in-the-life-style promo video, and let us run with it. We met with her every week for feedback as we wrote the script, created the storyboard, and began selecting locations, voice actors, and more.

The buzzing blonde



Batching content is a great way to create a video series efficiently and cost-effectively. This video is one we created in a series of twenty Q&A-style videos. Every video in the series includes a video intro, animated social media graphics, question captions, and a logo animation. Creating a consistent video template creates brand recognition and consistency for your audience.

kirsh & kirsh, p.c.

Case Study

DKR strength systems


batching video content

Looking to create consistent video content for your business? We're now offering quarterly contracts to a limited number of clients. You decide how many videos you want per month and then pay as you go. Turn-around times are as short as a week, so these are great for quick and consistent content - and it's our most affordable way to create videos.


Thank you! We will be in touch shortly!

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